Canada: Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

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When travelling in Canada, there are plenty of budget-wise ways to make travelling fun, vibrant, and memorable. There are plenty of attractions in places like Toronto which are affordable and worthwhile. This article will discuss budget travelling in Canada, as well as the different affordable travel options in Canada and cheap attractions.

First off, a great place to visit in Canada is Toronto. Toronto has some of the most inexpensive activities to do, since it is a large city. Going to stargaze at York University Observatory can be a romantic adventure for a couple or a fun activity for the family. This activity is open to the public free of charge on Wednesday evenings.

Another fun activity in Toronto is Woodbine Beach. This gorgeous beach offers free parking and is the perfect place to relax from a busy trip. The Blooms at Allan Gardens Conservatory is another great option one has to view exotic flowers in greenhouses. There is a very small fee to enter the conservatory, but it is worth it to view such rare and exotic plants.

For those with a knack for culture, the Toronto Free Gallery is sure to be a favourite place to visit. This art gallery allows local artists to display their work for free. Many of the art pieces deal with intense social issues and political statements. Entrance into this gallery is free. For a group of students or intellectuals, this can be the perfect place to visit, debate political issues, and stir up some ideas.

Traveling throughout Canada and finding affordable lodging can be quite an easy task, in addition to finding affordable activities to do in Canada. Many websites offer free hostel booking, so a person can get a reservation at a hostel and not pay a booking fee. The Urban Hideaway Guesthouse can be a fun hostel to stay in at Vancouver. This hostel offers free breakfast to individuals staying the night and consistently receives high ratings from travellers. Another great hostel to visit is Hostelling International Vancouver Central. This hostel focuses more on encouraging social interactions and allows travellers to meet one another. There are plenty of spacious lounges in this hostel which allow travellers to relax and get to know one another.

An affordable way to travel throughout Canada is to make use of the British Columbia ferries. These ferries travel throughout Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. There are usually great holiday specials available through the BC Ferries. One simply has to check online for great rates.

Another fun lodging option in Canada is staying on a campground. Campgrounds are especially popular in Vancouver.

Overall, these are just a few ways to save money while travelling in Canada and to simply enjoy one’s time in Canada!

Travel Canada – Summer 2012

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Summer is almost here and, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to plan some fun holidays. Here are a few exciting options that you probably haven’t thought about.
For the nature lover:

  • Explore Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia. If you are making the trip to Nova Scotia this summer you don’t want to miss this tranquil park that is filled with lakes and wildlife. Kejimkujik is the only Parks Canada site which is designated both a National Park and a National Historic Site.
  • Kananaskis Country is often overshadowed by its proximity to Banff, but this is a special part of the world. Over 4000 square kilometres of wild surroundings are filled with grizzly and black bears, cougars, elks, lynx and moose. Play golf on two stunning golf courses where each shot fades into the backdrop of towering mountains.
  • Billy Bowman’s Camp is located on the shores of Weller’s Bay in Southern Ontario. Rent a rustic cottage on the water and enjoy great swimming, sensational fishing and water skiing.

Health and Spirituality:

  • Grail Springs is an award-winning holistic, health spa and wellness retreat. It’s situated in the mineral capital of Canada beside a spring-fed lake only 2.5 hours from Toronto. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest, trails, wildlife and meditation gardens, this environment makes for the perfect place to reconnect with ‘Heaven on Earth’

Something a little more extravagant:

  • The Rimrock Resort Hotel, a Four Diamond award-winning hotel, is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies where uncompromised luxury and natural splendour come together in perfect harmony. Perfect for special occasions or if you just want a magical getaway, the Rimrock looks down on the picturesque town of Banff and is surrounded by mountains of nature.

Music lover:

  • Sled Island Music and Art Festival is ‘one of the coolest festivals in North America’: Sled Island Website. Spanning 4 days from June 20-23, 2012 at over 25 venues across Calgary with over 300 amazing artists. People ride bikes across the city to bars, churches, the Legion, clubs to see artists like Feist, Thurston Moore, the Hold Steady, Stephen Malkmus, Timber Timbre, Tim Hecker and so much more.

Travel in Style:

  • CanaDream RV and Camper Rentals is a unique way to travel in style and at your own pace. There are 8 gateway locations across Canada making it easy to start in one city and end in another: CanaDream Montreal. You don’t have to worry about booking hotels; you can take the luxury with you, wherever you go.

Monumental Event:

  • 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. This is going to be huge. People from all over will be coming to witness this historic event. The Centennial Stampede is built on three pillars: showcasing Alberta to the world; creating an experience of a lifetime; and building a lasting legacy. During July 6-15, 2012 you want to make sure you are in Calgary: Calgary Stampede Site


Canadian Travel Medical Insurance And You

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Traveling Canada is a fun time for most, but unfortunate accidents can happen to anyone while on the road. Canadian travel medical insurance is available for those who find themselves in need of medical attention. There are different types of coverage and some important exclusions and exceptions that must be kept in mind.

Canada is a popular destination point for tourists and travelers. Its stunning sights an interactive features make for a special experience for any traveler. There are also many opportunities for laborers and professional workers. Unfortunately, many things happen while traveling that may require a voyager to seek medical attention. From broken bones to unexpected illnesses, the human body is still susceptible to harm even when on the road.

Many visitors believe that they are covered by the universal health care system in Canada. However, is only for citizens of the country. Foreigners who visit and need a doctor will be charged for services rendered. These can be quite costly if there is no insurance plan in place.

There are various types of travel health insurance available for Canada. Many companies offer special plans for visitors to Canada. These plans are accepted in the medical system in Canada and will significantly reduce your costs for medical treatment.

In order to take advantage of most visitor insurance policies, you must not be covered by the national plan or any other Canadian plans. You must be in good medical condition and you can not have been in Canada for more than two years at the time of application for coverage.

The different types of benefits these plans offer can vary, depending on the premium your paying and the company. Also affecting the plan is the type of traveler you are. For example, there are student travelers, business and work traveler as well as leisure travelers. Each has a plan dedicated to them.

Coverage rates can be had in various amounts. The maximum that any Canadian insurer will pay out is 150,000 dollars. The minimum is 25,000 dollars. Deductibles will vary as well. Anything from a zero deductible to a 1000 dollar deductible is common.

Generally, all plans will offer at least coverage of emergency services. This includes ambulance, emergency room and emergency medical attention. Also, most plans will cover follow ups, accidental death, repatriation to residence and return of deceased.

There are also usually various time limits involved with plans. For example, depending on your choice, coverage may last anywhere from 180 days to 365. Also, depending on particular circumstances, your specific policy coverage may not be valid until up to 72 hours after entering Canada. There are exceptions to these and you should check your policy for the details.

Traveling Canada can be a fun and exciting time, whether it is for work or pleasure. There are lots of beautiful things to see and do. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen and the universal health care is not for visitors. Canadian travel medical insurance is highly recommended in case you find yourself in need of medical attention. There are different plans which will suit your situation and they offer great services for reasonable prices.